Patrick studied at Queen’s University Belfast graduating in 2009. He completed his apprenticeship in Donnelly & Wall and became a partner in 2019.

He specialises in Criminal Law, Human Rights Law, Judicial Review and Agricultural Law. He accompanies clients daily from the Police Station through to the Magistrates Court, Crown Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and before the Parole Commissioners.

Patrick has extensive experience running jury and judge only trials in the Crown Court including murders, terrorism, drug offences, serious sexual offences, health and safety offences, environmental crime, money laundering and complex fraud. He was appointed in 2022 to serve as a legal chair of the DAERA Independent Appeals Panel for TB/Brucellosis Appeals and Single Farm Payment Appeals.

Patrick has a particular interest in miscarriages of justice and human rights law. His successful Judicial Review cases against the Police Service, Prison Service, Department of Agriculture and the National Crime Agency have challenged discrimination by the State, unlawful detention, unlawful use of powers by investigators and embraced equality issues, prisoners rights, the right to a fair trial and the right to private and family life.


Recent Judgments 

Court of Appeal

  • Re KA v NIPS 2020 – Calculation of sentences by NI Prison Service.
  • R v M 2020 – Successful appeal against confiscation order. £325,000 returned to client.
  • R v C 2020 – Sentencing for robbery.
  • AG Ref no 6 of 2019 – Sentencing for firearms.
  • R v McN 2019 – Case state from the Magistrates Court. Leading authority on the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court.
  • R v McP 2019 – Sentencing for Intent to Supply Class A Drugs.
  • CR v S 2019 – Extradition Appeal – Court prevented extradition to Czech Republic
  • R v L 2019 – Sentencing for cultivation of cannabis.

Crown Court

  • R v K 2019 – Acquittal of possession of cannabis with intent to supply.
  • R v E 2019 – Acquittal of bookkeeper charged with six figure theft from employer.
  • R v C 2019 – Non-custodial sentence for juvenile charged with Bangor Pier incident.
  • R v T 2018– Non-custodial sentence for defendants in possession of over £1m in counterfeit currency.
  • R v R 2018– Acquittal of defendant charged with importing controlled waste in excess of £1.5m.
  • R v V 2017 – Non-custodial sentence for £300k successful 5 day kidnapping and blackmail.
  • R v McM 2015 – Defending joint FBI/NCA prosecution involving international drug smuggling to over 40 countries using the dark web.
  • R v L 2014 – Acquittals on all counts for one defendant after 3 separate trials for historic sex offences.

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